City residents urged to use water wisely

Eda Ranu General Manager Special Projects Lot G. Zauya says the company was rationing water in Port Moresby in the month of August due to maintenance work at its Mt. Eriama Water Treatment Plant.
Zauya said there was water volume of just above 200 million cubic metres of water as of last week. This isa reduction from the Dam Spill Volume of 340 million cubic metres and the general public needs to use water wisely and to conserve water. The Sirinumu Dam is operated by PNG Power Limited and Eda Ranu uses a certain volume of water through an Off-take Agreement with PNG Power Limited.
“Once the volume drops down to 50 million cubic metres then its only water supply.”
He clarified that once the water level reached 50 million cubic meters, it would be reserved for water supply use only.
Zauya had been a civil engineer for the last 30 years.
He explained that the recent water rationing in Port Moresby was because of a major overhaul undertaken by the Eda Ranu at its sedimentation tanks- particularly at its third clarifier at the Mt Eriama treatment plant.
It had not been done since 1974 when the machine was installed and parts like bearings have worn out.
Zauya said Port Moresby city users consume 165 million cubic litres of water every day.
A lot of water used by settlements, Zauya admitted was not paid and there was a need to “cut down on non-revenue systems”.
While NCD Governor Powes Parkop has suggested use of sea desalination to produce water, Zauya said it would be an expensive option.
He said right now they were using gravitational force to move water from Sogeri to Port Moresby. It is less expensive. But to convert sea to pure water, they would need to run more machines and would involve a lot of pumping and thus a higher operational cost.