Road signs & maps defacing  is criminal

I walked up the road to shops at Tokarara in Port Moresby and past a road map post.

It’s been attacked and defaced by mud.

The defaced road map post in Tokarara, Port Moresby

About five meters from this road map post, from the back,  is a pile of mud.

My assumption is during the rain in Port Moresby kids may have found it fun to play in the mud and suddenly found a target to “mud sling” the poor road map post.

The front view of the road map post

It is simply an attack on a road infrastructure and is criminal.

We must take responsibility and educate our children not to do this.

Often we blame the government for many things not working right and we desire the government to install.

And we must honor our part of the contract to watch over them.

Surely in the long run, we will develop.

Start telling our children not to throw mud at road sign posts or maps.

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