Western Province political leaders visit remote communities during independence

Across the vast savannah of East Trans Fly and along the mighty Fly River, the sounds of drum beats and tears of joy have never been heard louder than during this year’s independence celebrations.

The rural communities of Wipim, Kondobol and Domori celebrated Papua New Guinea’s 44th independence anniversary with the presence of their two national leaders.

Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade and Member for South Fly Sekie Agisa accompanied Western Governor Taboi Awi Yoto on an official visit to the communities on Independence Day.

At Wipim government station, Agisa and Governor Yoto officiated at the opening of a brand new double classroom.

The Wipim community also received funding assistance from the two MPs to celebrate independence.

The two leaders then flew to the community of Kondobol where they were also expected to open a brand new classroom.

However due to scheduling issues, the MPs could only make a brief stop-over and hand over an independence gift of K15, 000 to assist the community with independence celebrations.

Governor Yoto promised the community that they would return soon to open the classroom.

At the mouth of the mighty Fly River, the son of Domori village and Member for South Fly flew in on the chopper with the Governor.

The people of Domori reminded both leaders to be mindful of their roles and responsibilities by performing a traditional canoe dance to welcome them to the village.

Both leaders also announced the construction of new classroom facilities for Morehead High School.

Meanwhile Independence celebrations in the capital Daru received the highest level of funding of K100 000.

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