Danish traveller to write world history becoming the first person to travel to every country without flying

Forty-year old Torbjorn C. Pedersen from Denmark is doing some crazy travel around the world to set new records for anyone to set foot on 203 countries without flying.

He has made it to 188 countries which include Papua New Guinea. He has 15 more countries to go and his next destination is Solomon Islands, Honiara.

He would travel there is a container ship.

He got into the country this week through a container ship as well from Surabaya, Indonesia.

He said there has been so much negative said about every country.

“Sometimes were forget to tell people about good things,” he said. “

I keep my followers in “positivity “.

“I call that positive promotion.”

And he had been writing in his blogs and social media posts positive and inspiring pieces.

He describes PNG as construction yard where every building material is set but somebody needs to erect it.

He would be doing some snorkeling, watching movies at cinema and mingle with people. As much as he desired to visit other parts of the country, its super difficult to travel by road, he said.

Pedersen is also a good will ambassador for the Danish Red Cross so while in the country he would be visiting PNG Red Cross and chat about what they are doing.

October 10 while in PNG, would be six years since he began his “crazy” feat travelling, missing family, language and food to name but a few.

He said: “I don’t stop looking.”

Anyone could follow him on www.onceuponasaga.dk

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