Police urges public not to spread fake news creating fear and anxiety

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Operations Donald Yamasombi says police are ready to support lead agencies in any precautionary measures to be taken against the coronavirus threat.

Donald Yamasombi

Mr Yamasombi has directed his officers to meet with enforcement agencies such as the Department of Health, NAQIA, Customs and Immigration to monitor the situation and protect the entry and exit points of the country.

He said Police will help in whatever way in ensuring the precautionary measures instilled are followed by the people, especially the processes, procedures and the certifications. He said entries into the country must be certified and cleared first by the relevant authorities including and especially the Health Department.

Mr Yamasombi had also cautioned the general public from publishing fake news on social media. There have been reports on social media that a Chinese man is being diagnosed with the disease and had named several places that he is currently based in.

“Whether or not these reports are true, it is fake news unless the Health Department says so. What we are doing is only creating fear and anxiety and even panic amongst our people,” Mr Yamasombi said.

He added that the Police will not be taking any separate measures but instead will be working closely  with responsible government agencies on this issue.

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