A bit of humour by Sir Michael with Australia

Somare and Whitlam during Independence in Port Moresby Courtesy Inside Story

Post Courier published this in its Drum section on Wednesday, March 3, 2021

How about tumora?

Many will never forget that Sir Michael had a great sense of humour.

An orbituary by Mark Baker highlights some gems.

When Gough Whitlam arrived in Port Moresby, he was confronted by Sir Michael asking: “So when are you going to give us our independence?”

Whitlam’s response: “How about tomorrow,” left the great man – for once- speechless.

When Whitlam became embroiled in the constitutional battle with Sir John Kerr later in 1975, Sir Michael was quick to quip: “We only left them a little while ago and look at the mess they are in already.”

The two men became firm friends and remained so until Whitlam’s death in 2015.

Sir Michael attended his funeral in Sydney.


To read Baker’s full publication, click link below How about tomorrow?

How about tomorrow?


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