A blind Bougainville father needs to raise funds for son’s university fees 

University starts in about two months time and blind Bougainville man Moses Levue from Bana in South Bougainville is rushing against time to raise his son’s university fees.

His son will be doing second year at the Pacific Adventist University (PAU).

Moses is literally blind.

Busking in front of a shop in Buka town this morning I met him.

Moses Levue performing in Buka when I got to meet him.

But he wasn’t new to me.

This time last year I bumped into him doing the the same thing but at a different location. It was in front of a shop before driving into the posh Reason’s Bar & Grill Restaurant.

Moses told me then he was not born blind but an incident when he was very young playing around with children resulted in his permanent blindness.

Some dust went into his eyes and the eyes became itchy.

He starts rubbing his eyes and after sometime it went worse.

His mum didn’t take him to hospital sooner and by the time he got to the hospital, he had lost his eyesight.

Ever since he lived a “disabled ” life where he couldn’t see.

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His identification card hanging on him as he busks melodious tunes identifies him as a “disabled “.

His identification card is clearly displayed.

But I admired his ability and contributed K2 to his fundraising.

I admired the music produced by Moses and took a photo with him. He could only hear me but doesn’t know how I look.

Ever since his blindness he somehow developed a gift of playing music with a ukulele, a tambourine and a harmonica and this has been his bread winning art, his ability.

“Long last yia mi putim em K16,226, blong nau em K14,805,” he said.

(Last year I raised K16,226 and for this year I need to raise K14,805)

“Last yia mi play long Lihir, Rabaul na West Niu Britain. “

(Last year I played music on the streets in Lihir, Rabaul and West New Britain)

He said he raised good monies outside of Bougainville.

A generous heart in Buka donates to Moses today.

“Neks wik taim sip ikam bai mi go long ol autsait province, ” he told me.

(Next week when a passenger shipping vessel arrives I will leave Buka)

Moses said he needs a wireless lapel mic and a new amplifier to bring his music a little further and clearer and he has been working on building his permanent house.

He told me he needed someone to do his timber listing.

For now, his immediate concern is to raise money for his son’s university fees.

If anyone kind heart wants to donate, he provided the account details for his son

Jerry Levue Bank South Pacific Account No: 7008692191.

A confirmation of his son’s bank account he told me to look through his bag and found a bank deposit that has the name of his son Jerry.

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