A Morobe village celebrates independence for the first time

The little known Bilima Tusulu area in the Nabak local level government, Nawaeb District, Morobe Province celebrated the country’s 44th Independence in style.

This I’d the first since 1975 they celebrated independence.

Village Councilor Sonny Elenu called from the village and said it was emotional.

“Dispela em wanpela pest aim kain samting I kamap long ples,” he said.

(This is the first time we celebrated independence in the village)

“Ol tumbuna bilong mipela I bin go aut na lukim Somare.”

(Our grand parents went out to witness the independence when Michael Somare was Prime Minister)

Mr Elenu is 40 years old and he was proud that him being at the helm as village leader they were able to host the celebration and reflected on the last 44 years.

He said they reenacted the scene told to them what happened in 1975 when the Australian flag was lowered and the PNG flag raised and fluttered in the sky.

“Planti bigman man meri i lukim na tingim igo bek na ol I karai,” he said.

(Many people saw the flag raising, reflected on 1975 and shed tears)

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He said there were primary and secondary school students dressed in PNG colours, they sang the national anthem and played against each other in different mini games.

There were traditional singsings and guests among them Principal of the Nawaeb Lutheran High School Koseng Gubuta who gave some very challenging remarks to people to advance their lives by investing in doing positive things.

Cr. Elenu said they have plans for a bigger celebration next year to mark the 45th anniversary.

He appealed to Bilima people living anywhere in the country to plan a trip home to celebrate independence during that time.

He thanked people who supported his village’s independence commemoration-who included Nawaeb MP Hon Kennedy Wenge.



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