A special case for Robert Agarobe-Goilala

To my people of GOILALA
Goilala is a special case which I have been handling very carefully however, a few of my programs that were strategically organised were interfered with and did not eventuate as they had a direct impact on the sensitivity of our GOILALA people and their issues.
Goilala is affected by a lot of issues however the most pronounced ones are –
# No public servants in Goilala
# GOILALA is run from Port moresby
# Goilala cheques are printed in Port Moresby
# Goilala money or most of it is spent in Port Moresby.
As I type on my phone there is no Government presence in Goilala and if there is any service at all it’s provided by the Catholic church.
Out of the 3 LLGs in Goilala, Woitape and Tapini have the presence of the Catholic Church who provide what ever service they can while Gwari LLG has no Government or church run services and have gone back to surviving on their own.
You will know that Gwari LLG is faced with this problem after the cold blooded murder of the Catholic Priest and catechist eight years ago and the issues surrounding these murders have caused a lot of tension in the area.
Our District headquarters Tapini, has no public servants as the last two police officers were Medivaced out of Tapini in early 2019 after being attacked and badly injured.
Our programs to deal with these issues are ongoing and will be deal with at the appropriate time.
After getting elected as Governor to run our province I did a few things,
Firstly I surveyed the province and looked at our strength and our weaknesses, that we have done.
We built a asset register to know our strength, that We have done and continuing.
We identified obstacles and placed them aside, that we have done.
We went on a treasure hunt to find our lost treasures and in the process we discovered that some of our treasures were missing, investigating team then set up to give answers, that we have done and on going.
Create a plan to drive our development agendas taking into consideration the above and aligning it with our budget, that we have done.
The 2020 budget is now our working plan to deliver for our province and my promise to our people during my campaign,
Anything else is a bonus for now as we progress with our Provinces plan.
God bless,
Slowly but surely,
Doing it the Central way.

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