Acting police commissioner removes tint from his vehicle


Acting Police Commissioner David Manning says all police vehicles except those authorized by the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners will have their tints removed.

 “I am taking the lead in this exercise by removing the tint from my official vehicle and I have issued a directive for every member of the Constabulary to follow suit by removing tints on police vehicles allocated to them as well,” Mr Manning said adding that the only vehicles which are allowed to have tints are those used by detectives involved in special operations, but such arrangements will have to be authorised by the Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioners.

Mr Manning said this move conforms with the government’s intent of promoting good governance, transparency and accountability.

Acting commissioner Manning also said to save cost and increase proficiency within the organisation, some vehicles allocated to administrative staff at Police Headquarters will be retrieved and sold or reallocated to replace the old shabby vehicles used by operational units in front line policing.

He added stringent cost effective measures will be introduced soon particularly on fuel usage and consumption which he said was lapping up a big chunk of the constabulary’s budget annually.

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 “We will strengthen command and control by holding officers in positions of authority in front line policing accountable for the actions of their members. We will quantify the usage of fuel and ensure all police vehicles are productively utilized to fight crime in our communities,” Manning said today.



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