Aitape’s Pes to Poro road needs help

An impassable section of Aitape’s Pes to Poro road

You could be forgiven for thinking this is just a stream winding somewhere. It is actually part of the economic road that leads to the place that was once part of a food bowl that supplies Aitape and its surrounding areas. This road leads from Aitape through Pes Catholic Mission and onto Poro Resettlement Blocks. A lot of cocoa is grown in the area and villages along it produce vegetables and fresh fruit in abundance. Sections of this road have deteriorated so badly over the years that it is difficult for vehicles to pass through. People have died trying to reach medical help whilst using this road either by vehicle or on foot. Farmers have lost any means of earning some sort of income due to the poor road condition. Mothers had to walk bearing heavy loads through treacherous paths just to sell few garden produce to support their families. Young children often accompany their mothers on such trips. This is just one of the many sections badly needing attention.

Words and Picture by Judith Sirias in Aitape

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