Athletics PNG President raises governance concerns

Athletics PNG President Tony Green has challenged the PNG Olympic Committee (PNGOC) on governing concerns raised by the National Federations.

Mr Green said: “PNG is in need of a Sporting Revolution and this should start with the election of a new Board for the PNG Olympic Committee on June 27.”

He made the statement in light of the argument that the PNGOC is made up of sporting bodies however does not adequately represent the interest of its members.

“A question being asked by many is, just what are the PNG Sports Foundation and PNGOC policies that underpin sports in PNG?” he said.

Mr Green also argued that there is a massive disconnection between the PNG Sports Foundation and the PNG Olympic Committee and sports are suffering as a result.

“Assistance that should be filtering down from the Foundation to Sports through the Olympic Committee is just nonexistent,” he said.

“Hence the majority of sports are left to fend for themselves. The Foundation and the Olympic Committee need to be brought closer together for the benefit of Sports if PNG is to ever excel at major international sporting events.”

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In response, the PNGOC President Sir John Dawanincura in a report acknowledged the statement made by Mr Green.

“The Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee acknowledges statements made by Tony Green and respects the right of individuals to express their opinion,” Sir Dawanincura said.

Sir Dawanincura said: “The work of the PNG Olympic Committee has been guided by its Strategic Plan 2016-2020, a public document accessible on the PNG Olympic Committee website which was developed through a consultative process involving input from the National Federations.”

“The Strategic Plan includes a strategic focus on enhancing the capability of NFs, especially in relation to good governance and administration which is fundamental to the effective running of any organization,” he added.

Furthermore, Sir Dawanincura pointed out that the PNGOC ‘s support to NFs come in the form of training courses for administrators and coaches, funding, communications resources and advice.

Sir Dawanincura said: “An NF Resource Centre exists in the PNG Olympic Haus where NF representatives and athletes have free internet access and use of computers.”

He stressed that PNGOC recognises the need to increase NFs capability thus sees the need to assist NFs reaching their goals.

“At the end of the day, the PNG Olympic Committee will always uphold the principles and values of good governance,” Sir Dawanincura said.

Tony Green PNG

Tony Green PNG

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