Police Minister visits “haus krai”on behalf of Prime Minister

Bryan Kramer agrees to meet with them to explain that my office will be working with Police and overlooking the investigations to ensure it is done independently and professionally

Vehicle torched in remote Nuku after an armed hold up

West Sepik Provincial Police commander Moses Ibsagi though said information was sketchy and he was collaborating with the neighboring East Sepik police command to assist investigate and prosecute the criminals.

Sir Julius Chan reflects on the 25th anniversary of his fathers death

Moments captured to remember in time often bring forth the underlying value in people and their journey in life and how they impact people along the way.

Western Province political leaders visit remote communities during independence

They were reminded by their people to be mindful of their roles and responsibilities

United States fallen servicemen repatriated to Hawaii

US Ambassador to PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu Catherine Ebert-Grey acknowledges Papua New Guineans for watching over their fallen servicemen in the last 75 years