‘Bilas Peles’ politicians mud slinging each other

Sir Julius Chan has described moves by Kavieng and Namatani MP's as taunting

Thirteen months before the next general election and national politicians in New Ireland appear to be at loggerheads over management and administration of public office and funds for the province.

In a recent move several presidents of the local level government and the two open MP’s Walter Schnaubelt and Ian Ling-Stuckey have referred Governor Sir Julius Chan to the Ombudsman Commission.

A move Sir Julius in a statement says he is unfazed with what he described as malicious gossip and erroneous threats orchestrated by the open members of Kavieng and Namatanai.

“They can do whatever they like. I don’t have anything to hide. These two unscrupulous ankle-biters actions on social media simply show they have no decency and are desperate for power. As far as I am concerned, their childish postings are simply a feeble attempt at revenge. I have nothing to hide and all of the points they raise are dead issues, already dealt with in the past on the floor of the Provincial Assembly where they belong,” Sir Julius said in a statement.

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There has been sour relationships between Sir Julius as Governor and the two open MP’s post 2017 national general elections right from the formation of government.

Ling-Stuckey for Kavieng and Schnaubelt for Namatanai who dethroned Sir Julius’ son Byron are National Alliance MP’s while Sir Julius commands the People’s Progress Party.

Recently, the provincial assembly chaired by Sir Julius issued a statement that both open MP’s were removed from the assembly through a majority vote because they have missed several meetings.

The MP’s have now hit back referring Sir Julius to the Ombudsman Commission saying he has been having assembly meetings while the national parliament sitting was taking place.
Their allegations are said to be supported by five LLG Presidents from Namatanai Joshua Soi, Konoagil Isaac Tosel, Matalai Augustine Topi, Nimamar Stanley Tunut, Sentral Ben Sakbua and 65 ward members.
Sir Julius has been accused of failing to acquit K400 million of Lihir Royalty Monies and have not designed a provincial development plan since 2007.
He has also been accused of illegally appointing representatives to the provincial assembly and the provincial executive council.
The complaints will also be criminally registered with police fraud squad and other institutions that he illegally obtained land belonging to the provincial government which is at the hilltop adjacent to the provincial headquarters.
Sir Julius has also been accused of benefiting from contracts that he is the sole shareholder.
He said Schnaubelt and Ling-Stuckey were ‘taunting’ and he said he has been cleared over several other allegations.


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