Buka town needs K3.5 million annually to function

Eight months as being the Buka Urban Community Government manager and Joseph Logoso is confident of turning Buka into a tourism hotspot and a pearl of Bougainville.

He said though he needed K3.5 million annually to run the town.

“We have just submitted our budget which is quite under that,” he said.

The money to run Buka town  comes from the Autonomous Bougainville Government and little from revenues from market facilities, public toilet usage, licenses and fees from municipal services.

“By the look of it we are under revenue collection. We are just collecting 30 per cent,” Logoso said.

“We need to put other services like water and sewerage.”

He outlined few daunting challenges though with zoning and installation of water and sewerage services.

“It’s already full of junks and rubbish. It’s hard to zone,” Logoso said adding “the people who sat here at the first place failed to zone it.”

“We need the building board and the lands and physical planning board to make this place work.”

While he was unable to ascertain the number of inhabitants, he said the residents, organisations and businesses need to cooperate with them to make Buka thrive.

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One of the things he stressed on was to pay fees on time.

They have also begun working on a five year development plan which is supposed to capture plans about water and sewerage services- with support from European Union.

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