Call for resignation of Milne Bay Governor as Alotau comes under siege by criminals

Hon. Charles Abel says he will request a state of emergency to be declared for Alotau

Former Chief Secretary to government and Milne Bay’s senior citizen Robert Igara has made a call for immediate resignation by Milne Bay Governor Sir John Luke Critten.

His call comes as Alotau comes under siege when criminals ran riot looting shops in Alotau and burning down homes of police officers.

Igara said the call for Luke-Critten’s resignation is because of his incapacity and failure in providing leadership to the province by not addressing the continuous law and order crisis incidents since 2017.

“This will allow the Provincial Assembly to elect a new “Governor” to urgently provide the leadership,” he said.

Igara has called on all open MP’s and presidents to urge the Governor to consciously resign.

EMTV reports that police reinforcements from Port Moresby are now in Alotau Town to assist the Alotau police restore peace and normalcy.
There were reports from Alotau that criminals walked through the town and started looting shops and destroying properties on Thursday evening.
Police intervened, which resulted in a gun battle with the criminals.
Acting Divisional Commander for Southern Region, Chief Inspector Rigga Neggi said from reports he got, to distract the police, the criminals went to the barracks and burnt down the houses.
Fourteen families were now homeless and are seeking refuge at the Town Police Station.
Alotau Open MP Hon. Charles Abel said he will request a state of emergency to be declared for Alotau.

Commentators say what is happening in renowned and prime tourism town of Alotau is like an operation of drug cartels in South America and the incidents also expose a lax in obtaining security intelligence information to protect the country.

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Police have been looking for the infamous criminal Tommy Baker and his gang in Alotau since 2019 after a string of crimes committed and an attack against police.

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