Gordon International School commemorates 50 years

There was a period in the 50-years of Gordon International School’s operation that expatriate parents and staff protested against a decision to allow majority Papua New Guineans run the school.

Former board chairman Stanislaw Stevens Tao described the day as the “black Monday” in 1991.

Speaking at Gordon’s silver jubilee celebration coinciding with PNG’s 44years of Independence last Thursday, he said the late International Education Agency (IEA) founder Steve Mead called for a parents and teachers meet, and made a decision on one Friday that it was time nationals run the school with an exception of the Principal.

The following Monday classes started as late as 10am and expatriate parents protested, withdrawing their children from the school.

Only late Ian Boden who married an East New Britain woman worked with the board, stood with Mead’s decision and the school was run reaching great achievements till now.

He said he stumbled up on the school coincidently some 32 years ago-enrolling his son there, and he never looked back.

“Today I am so proud to see Gordon run and managed by IEA (International Education Agency) by run by Papua New Guineans,” he said.

“We have overcome challenges and prejudice.”

He now resides at Kimbe working as the CEO of West New Britain Provincial Health Authority.

The schools theme for this year is “a golden journey connecting people through global learning” and he paid tribute to founders like Mead- describing them as already capturing that in the curriculum which embraces the past, present and the future.

Mr Tau also praised the national teachers who have been running the school with a female principal currently the head.

For him, the engagement and dedication to lead the board to make decisions for better learning of children comes with a blessing.

“It’s been joy walking to a bank and someone greets you and then you say… sorry how did we meet?” he said.

The worker responds you were a board chairman at Gordons.

He mentioned Rhoda and Steven Ilave’s who are pilots and his relative Captain Steward Kadiko-all with Air Niugini.

They are among many former students he was proud of and proud of the efforts of the national staff.

A Morobe village celebrates independence for the first time

The little known Bilima Tusulu area in the Nabak local level government, Nawaeb District, Morobe Province celebrated the country’s 44th Independence in style.

This I’d the first since 1975 they celebrated independence.

Village Councilor Sonny Elenu called from the village and said it was emotional.

“Dispela em wanpela pest aim kain samting I kamap long ples,” he said.

(This is the first time we celebrated independence in the village)

“Ol tumbuna bilong mipela I bin go aut na lukim Somare.”

(Our grand parents went out to witness the independence when Michael Somare was Prime Minister)

Mr Elenu is 40 years old and he was proud that him being at the helm as village leader they were able to host the celebration and reflected on the last 44 years.

He said they reenacted the scene told to them what happened in 1975 when the Australian flag was lowered and the PNG flag raised and fluttered in the sky.

“Planti bigman man meri i lukim na tingim igo bek na ol I karai,” he said.

(Many people saw the flag raising, reflected on 1975 and shed tears)

He said there were primary and secondary school students dressed in PNG colours, they sang the national anthem and played against each other in different mini games.

There were traditional singsings and guests among them Principal of the Nawaeb Lutheran High School Koseng Gubuta who gave some very challenging remarks to people to advance their lives by investing in doing positive things.

Cr. Elenu said they have plans for a bigger celebration next year to mark the 45th anniversary.

He appealed to Bilima people living anywhere in the country to plan a trip home to celebrate independence during that time.

He thanked people who supported his village’s independence commemoration-who included Nawaeb MP Hon Kennedy Wenge.

Unauthorised police deployment to mining camps and logging sites to cease | Press Release

Acting Commissioner of Police David Manning will issue a directive to cease all unauthorised deployments of police personnel to logging camps and mine sites around the country.

Manning will instruct all Divisional Commanders, Provincial Police Commanders and other subordinate officers in positions of authority and trust to cease all unauthorised deployments to logging camps and mine sites around the country.

Mr Manning said on Wednesday from Buka in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville where he has accompanied the National Executive Council for its meeting in Buka.

A two weeks ultimatum will be given beginning next week for ACPs, PPCs, Metsups and operational commanders on the ground to furnish reports on all special police operations across the nation particularly deployments to logging sites and mining camps.

Acting Commissioner Manning said the report will include the manpower list to confirm the actual number of police personnel on active deployment across the nation.

He said moving forward, all requests for such special deployments will now be only authorised and sanctioned by the office of the Deputy Commissioner Operations.

Mr Manning said police will only be deployed to quell law and order issues while issues concerning industrial disputes between landowner groups and the companies at logging camps and mine sites must be resolved amicably through the relevant state agencies in charge of relevant resource sectors.

He said this to spell out the roles and responsibilities of members of the Constabulary after it was noted that some members of the Constabulary were used by logging companies, mine operators and private businesses in the past to serve their own interests.

Mr Manning said, the role of the Constabulary is to protect life and property and preserve peace and good order in the community, and that policemen and policewomen must exercise this authority fairly, with due care and diligence and within the confines of the law.

He said this initiative is in line with the manpower audit exercise to be undertaken by the office of the Deputy Commissioner Administration.

He said the Constabulary will now take stock of its manpower to ensure every member of the Constabulary is properly accounted, deployed accordingly and effectively utilised.

“Commanders and supervisors will now be held accountable for the whereabouts of all police personnel within their command. This initiative is taken to conform to the government’s intent of promoting accountability, transparency and good governance,” Manning said.

Acting police commissioner removes tint from his vehicle

Acting Police Commissioner David Manning says all police vehicles except those authorized by the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners will have their tints removed.

 “I am taking the lead in this exercise by removing the tint from my official vehicle and I have issued a directive for every member of the Constabulary to follow suit by removing tints on police vehicles allocated to them as well,” Mr Manning said adding that the only vehicles which are allowed to have tints are those used by detectives involved in special operations, but such arrangements will have to be authorised by the Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioners.

Mr Manning said this move conforms with the government’s intent of promoting good governance, transparency and accountability.

Acting commissioner Manning also said to save cost and increase proficiency within the organisation, some vehicles allocated to administrative staff at Police Headquarters will be retrieved and sold or reallocated to replace the old shabby vehicles used by operational units in front line policing.

He added stringent cost effective measures will be introduced soon particularly on fuel usage and consumption which he said was lapping up a big chunk of the constabulary’s budget annually.

 “We will strengthen command and control by holding officers in positions of authority in front line policing accountable for the actions of their members. We will quantify the usage of fuel and ensure all police vehicles are productively utilized to fight crime in our communities,” Manning said today.

Patrick Pruaitch joins government

Leader of the National Alliance party Patrick Pruaitch today announced their defection (19 members) from the opposition to the government.

The announcement was made before few of his strong party members who included East Sepik Governor Allan Bird, Namatanai MP Walter Snaubelt, Kavieng MP Ian Ling-Stuckey and Kairuku Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo.

At the end of last month,Bird, Snaubelt and Ling-Stuckey moved when Prime Minister James Marape also appointed Ling-Stuckey as the country’s Treasurer during a minor reshuffle.

Yangoru-Saussia MP Richard Maru, a member of People’s National Congress party was dumped as National Planning Minister and the Prime Minister asked the PNC party to move to the opposition.

In today’s announcement Pruaitch said their agenda to join the Marape-Steven government was to  form an alliance that could develop strategies to rescue the country from a ‘turbulent’ period.

He said they believed they had experiences which they could use working with the government to develop strategies in rescuing the country.

He highlighted issues of high debt, reduced foreign reserves, huge borrowings and a mismatch between budgets and actual delivery of services such as health and education particularly to rural areas- challenges they need to work on.

“We feel that together we can,” he said.

“Our people deserve this.”

He said they also share similar development views envisioned by the Marape –Steven government besides they were the part of the team that pushed for a change in government in May camping at the Laguna Hotel and it was fitting they teamed up.

Prime Minister James Marape has accepted the National Alliance team.

“They bring to us an additional experience and firepower as we work to take back PNG from greed and corruption and ensure that we work together to make Papua New Guinea the richest black Christian nation,” he said.

“The work that lies in front of us is greater, especially due to the fact that our economy is in stagnation, but I know our combined efforts will do well for our country.”

The Prime Minister commended Pruaitch for putting aside personal interests and allow the country’s interest to take precedence.

“We look forward and embrace this political partnership for the betterment of our country going forward,” Marape said.

Pruaitch recently filed a Supreme Court reference to interpret whether the election of Marape as Prime Minister in May was legal and last week the Supreme Court ruled Pruaitch had standing as the Opposition Leader and a citizen to bring the case to court.

EMTV news reports he would seek legal advice on how he would deal with the case which is on foot adding public interest was paramount.

Kroton Hela Wigmen refutes a glaring media report about spectator violence

The Kroton Hela Wigmen has issued a statement refuting a story published in the Post Courier today about spectator violence yesterday after the Digicel Cup rugby league grand final.

It said it was “an isolated incident that cannot be used to discredit what is an outstanding 2019 Digicel Cup competition, an entertaining finals series, topping off with a spectacular grand final on Sunday.”

“An isolated incident by opportunist cannot tarnish the name of the club or sponsors and the Digicel Cup Competition.”

Though the report did not impute any blame on the club for the violence, the Kroton Hela Wigmen has apart from refuting the story distanced itself from the violence.

“What happened between spectators within National Football Stadium are within the jurisdiction of of the venue management to take note of and appropriate fines and actions to be imposed.”

They have blamed the media for exposing this violence and urging the media to report on other “positive” stories.

“There are positive stories from this game, which hasn’t been written like people walking the Bulldog Track and Kokoda Track to watch the grand final in Port Moresby.”

“People walking kilometers to get a glimpse of the TV Wan signal to watch the game in the places like Menyama and Askiki in Morobe Province and Levani Valley and Lake Kopiago in Hela Province and all thought PNG on Sunday.”

Without denouncing any incident it also shifted blame to journalists: “It’s unfortunate that journalist are so quick to put a negative spin on an isolated incident and continue to make PNG a very unsafe place with the negative media propaganda.”

“The Kroton Hela Wigmen were gracious in defeat. No punches were thrown by the players or the officials for the entire 80 minutes.”

“Rugby League won at the end of the day.”

“Both Kroton Wigmen and Snacks Tigers are represented by players all throughout PNG.”

Post Courier reported that a woman was stripped  and assaulted by opportunists outside the stadium.

The woman (named) was set on by a horde of men and stripped naked outside the Boroko Post Office as she was heading to her car, it reported.

She was almost sexually assaulted but was saved by members of the police dog unit and their K9 team.

The police unit officer said: “Straight after the full time at NFS, the game, opportunists that gathered outside the gate began preying on those coming out of NFS.”

Vehicles were reported to be stoned.

Fashion Designer Natasha Tamanabae also reported on her Facebook page yesterday she had over 50 dents on her car, a broken wiper and four different sets of footprints on her bonnet and roof.

“My dad, cousin and little brother were trapped inside the car while stoned…..and ran over by a stampede of angry supporters at Boroko this evening (Saturday) while driving home,” she said.

She however queried: “Who can we charge for damage caused by this NFS grand final game?”

Central province collaborates with a Filipino province to develop agriculture

Central province governor Robert Agarobe said yesterday they have signed an MOU with the Philippines province of Mindanao to collaborate and develop agriculture.

The secretary for the province of Mindanao Emmanuel Pinol and him signed the MOU witnessed by the Philippines Ambassador to PNG Bienvenido Tejano and Prime Minister Hon James Marape.

“As per our provincial plan, the promotion of a one crop per electorate concept is slowly coming into fruition,” Agarobe said.

“We plan to put a lot of emphasis on Cocoa in Abau, Coffee in Goilala, Live stock in Rigo and Rice in Kairuku Hiri.”

“We will also be looking at other crops and industry to promote and drive our economy in collaboration with our rural people.”

He said the signing of the MOU would fast track the process.

When Agarobe went to the elections in 2017 his development focus was on agriculture, ensuring villagers earn their income through agriculture.