Chief Justice condemn actions by Dr Teng Waninga to immediately assume role as UOG Vice-Chancellor

Prof Sinebare has two more years to serve when this new appointment was made causing strife at the university

In court yesterday in Port Moresby lawyer for  Professor Musawe Sinebare- the University of Goroka’s  Vice-Chancellor presented an affidavit that Dr Teng Waninga and his supporters in a truckload stormed into the university demanding that he occupy the office of the vice-chancellor last Friday.

His actions follow a gazettal notice apparently signed by the Minister for Higher Research Science and Technology Wesley Raminai that appointed a new university council and Waninga assumes the Vice-Chancellor’s role.

But Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika has described Waninga’s actions as “breach of the highest pinnacle of his level of education”, Post Courier quoted.

He also said the university has been existing for sometime, has contributed much to shaping the development of this country and it must be respected.

“Proper processes of finding whoever the legitimate vice chancellor is appointed for the university must be made in a civil manner and must not be affected by these kinds of power play,” Salika said.

The university executives say under the University of Goroka Act, only the council appoints a Vice-Chancellor.

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The Chief Justice has extended interim orders issued last Friday for Prof Sinebare to remain as Vice-Chancellor to continue until the matter returns to court again on Tuesday ( May 3, 2021) next week.

Sir Gibbs in extending the orders also considered submissions by Sinebare’s lawyer that he was currently in the process of signing degrees and diploma certificates in preparation for the graduation and a change in the vice-chancellor could affect the process.

Secretary for Higher Education Research Science and Technology Fr Jan Czuba has been called to join in the proceeding.

Prof Sinebare has two more years to serve when this new appointment was made causing strife at the university and the Chief Justice has called for state lawyers and lawyer for the office of Higher Education Research Science and Technology to look immediately into drafting laws that should determine how long university councils should serve for.

Post Courier reports Sir Gibbs said the law is quite silent on this.



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