Civil Aviation Minister and NAC delegates inspect Kavieng airport upgrade

Kavieng airport landowners still await compensation payment for their land with a cheque from government dishonoured by the bank

New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan officially welcome Civil Aviation Minister Sekie Agisa, National Airports Corporation Acting Managing Director Rex Kiponge, CADIP Project Manager Manuai Kametan and other officials to New Ireland yesterday.

The team inspected the 1.4km Kavieng airport extension upgrade work currently being done and gave an overview of the design of New look Kavieng International Airport which is projected to be completed by July 2022.

The New Ireland Government again emphasised that the airport terminal design to have a unique New Ireland flavour, which is the Drongo to be captured in the design.

Minister Agisa and the NAC delegation were then given a tour of the New Ireland Legislative Assembly in the afternoon and further discussed developments on the Kavieng International Airport.

Other issues discussed included the outstanding K15 million owed to the Kavieng Airport Landowners, of which a K3 million cheque was presented to the landowners during the ground breaking of the International Airport on the 6th of July last year.

However that cheque was dishonoured by the bank and the landowners still await compensation payment for the use of their land.

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“It is important that our people are properly compensated for their land. To date, they have not received  anything. K10 million was the figure the National Government was earmarked to give, however Sir J asked that the figure be moved up to K15 Million. Our people are a patient people and they have been patient for a long time,” said Sir Julius.

Minister Agisa urged the New Ireland Government to put their concerns in an official letter so that he could follow up on the outstanding matters.

The Kavieng Airport Upgrading contract was awarded to China Railway Construction Engineering Group ( CRCEG ) for a contract of K91.85 million.

However its expected to increase pending approval by ADB of the acceleration costs the contract value shall increase to K115.9 million.

Scope of works include the runway extension, construction new additional taxiway bravo, installation of new runway lights, airport market, NAC office and associated buildings.

The overall physical progress of work to date is at 15 percent completion.

Works completed includes mobilization and contractors establishment, Extension area clearing and grubbing,

Earthworks on extension area, grading flight strip on extension area and the security fencing works on the extension area is progressing with 10 percent completion.

-New Ireland Provincial Government

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