Community wards in East New Britain learn to plan, construct, manage and maintain sub projects

Four local level governments in East New Britain Province have completed a one week Local Level government development committee appraisal training.

Participants at the training at Vunapope

This is part of the Rural Service Delivery Programme that promotes Community Driven Development (CDD) where communities work together to plan, construct, manage and maintain their sub projects.

Four LLGs participating right now are Toma- Vunadidir, Balamataman, Raluana and West Pomio – Mamusi LLG. They are the participating LLGs for the Rural Service Delivery Project, working in partnership with the East New Britain provincial administration.

In 2018, the provincial government signed a partnership agreement with RSDP. In lead up to the training, two ward development meetings were conducted in which the selected wards identified their priority areas and will then apply for funding grants.

Project Manager, Michael Avosa said the week-long training held in Vunapope empowered the committees to carry out their work diligently.

‘’After the appraisal training, the Committee will screen the Expression of interest by the Wards and LLGs. On average,  nine or ten wards will be selected to carry out the project after a screening process to be carried by the Local Level Government Development Committee.’’

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‘’It’s a project sanctioned by the government and we want the Wards and LLGs to function. Systems must work. Rural Service Delivery Project works in principle with Community Driven Development. We don’t do anything outside of the interest of the ward.

‘’We consult directly with the wards and it is them that lead all the work that is required’’. They identify the project themselves, plan for it and develop the process that needs to be followed.’’

‘’We are looking at projects such as classrooms, community hall, aid post at the ward level’’

One hundred and eight applications have been submitted by the 4 participating LLGs during the cause of the project.

Mr Avosa said at an average of 10 to `12 expressions of interest will be selected with a maximum of 48 and minimum of 40 projects.

Meantime, Deputy Administrator for Rabaul District Babel Umri said that excitement has been building up among his people at the Balamataman LLG.

‘’They are excited, because the people are given the opportunity to decide for themselves the type of project they want or need in their wards.’’

‘’For us at Balamataman we always embrace that type of development focus for a long time now by empowering the wards and for RSDP coming on board is a divine intervention and believe that it will have an impact in our lives’’.

It is co-financed by a credit facility from the World Bank and a grant from the Australian Government’s DFAT worth $28.5 million dollars spread out during 2017 – 2022 , a  5year period.

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Appraisal training at Vunapope

Appraisal training at Vunapope

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