Crime does not pay

Crime does not pay.

And any form of crime is a crime and society must denounce it there and then.

At the outset families and communities must condemn and discourage relatives from indulging in crime.

Police will come to formally arrest and or defend when the intensity of the situation warrants their special policing and combat skills.

A strong message we believe would be you live once and make use of your lives or you lose it prematurely to death or permanent disability.

There are many stories of such told over and over again.

Take heed.

There was a front page side story and a picture of a youthful man wounded and lying on the ground with his home made gun on his side.

It’s a bitter ending.

We repeat crime does not pay.

NCD and Central Acting Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wangambie Jr said the wounded man was a member of a gang who tried to hold up a motorist but they were foiled by quick police response.

The home made gun extracted from the wounded man would be presented in court as exhibit.

An eye witness said he was part of a group who were drinking at Vadavada settlement and then attempted to execute their criminal activity.

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Rationale would be that one should be in his or her stable state of mind to execute a life and death mission.

It’s like going to war.

You plan well and then engage.

But in these instances, young men are playing with their lives.

The message should be resonated.

We live once and we can’t gamble with our lives.

Don’t do crime as it does not pay.

Whether you are at Vadavada, Taurama, Manu, Boroko, Kaugere, Sabama, Koki, Badili, Hanuabada, NCC, Gerehu, Morata, 8 Mile and 9 Mile, 6 Mile, Saraga, Konedobu or anywhere in Papua New Guinea, we discourage you from doing crime.

Invest your time and energy in doing something productive and rewarding for yourself and your family.

If you spare death when doing crime, going to jail is not a fair punishment.

One is cheating his purpose on earth, cheating his family from being with him or her physically being there to support family growth and success.

We covered a few criminal cases at the National Court of Papua New Guinea.

There were people who were charged with series of crimes in robbery, rape, and escape from lawful custody to name a few.

Serving time in prison did not help them.

It was long term torture really.

They went through depression, anxiety and suffered from hypertension.

Their health deteriorated.

If anyone flatters you to do crime, don’t fall for it.

It does not pay.

We remind us again to speak in unison against crime in all forms that they do not pay.

We should have a thriving successful and safe society that is an apple of the eye of every citizen and foreign visitors.

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The spin offs for not doing crime would be massive.

There shall be no fear for everyone including our women to move around.

Foreign investors and visitors would flood in and their spending would build our economy.

We will live with no fear, growing our wealth and health.

Let’s aim and do that and steer away from crime because it certainly does not pay.

One of the arm roberry suspects injured by the Gerehu Mart Security personal attended to by St John Ambulance paramedics (1)

One of the arm roberry suspects injured by the Gerehu Mart Security personal attended to by St John Ambulance paramedics (1)

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