Disaster strikes New Ireland Province

There has been strong winds and floods in New Ireland.

Road damaged

The provincial governer’s media unit already reported that there have been reports to authorities that people are missing at sea, roads and bridges being washed away, there are landslips and food gardens destroyed.

Governor Sir Julius Chan has described it as a disaster.

At least three council areas in the Namatanai district have been cut off completely making it difficult to access services in Namatanai town.

One of the worst hit areas is the Matalai LLG in the Namatanai District which is Governor Sir Julius Chan’s local government area.

He said the damage caused by mother nature are costly and will require great assistance from the government.

The New Ireland Government has spent millions on road infrastructure and Bridges along the Boluminski Highway through its own pocket that is Royalties from dividends from Lihir which is separate from the Lihir Memorandum of Agreement.

“Unfortunately this will cause a delay to all priority projects as focus is now on restoring damages caused by Mother Nature.

But people must never give up.

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There is a reason and season for everything.

We must break through the tides and rise above flooded rivers and destroyed roads.”



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