Dr David Mills in Enga says don’t panic

Director of Rural Health and Training at the Enga Baptist Health Services Dr David Mills says panic brought about by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic can have drastic impact on people rather than the virus itself.

He has been based at Kompiam in the Enga Province since 2000.

In an exclusive video commentary sent to Post Courier he said: “ In times of difficulties, crisis or challenge it does not matter whether it’s something like COVID – 19 like we are seeing at the moment or just in life generally we should step back and assess the situation and make dissensions in a more calmed state of mind.”

“Because when we make out decisions based on fear; particularly in moments of great fear, very often those decisions can be unbalanced and they can end up been quite harmful decisions to us.”

Dr Mills did his undergraduate medical training in South Australia and then 5 years post graduate in the Northern Territory before getting his fellowship in Rural General Practice.

He has cautioned that social media can stir anxiety because of the fear rare good news it propagates.

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“When people transmit things on social media, they rarely transmit good news or the things that are not quite as bad as they seem,” he said.

 “More often the stuff seen on social media is something that provokes or alarms people. And so when everyone is bouncing things back and forth to each other, often from sources that may not be necessary proven or reputable. “

“It is this constant eco camber of bad news that’s going back and forth between us all. And that makes the whole state of anxiety much worse.”

He said from his observation panic has caused clinics and hospitals to close and this can cause many people to suffer or even die from other diseases and not COVID-19.

“I recently drove from one end of the country to another for medical work. And all over the place, I saw hospitals that had shut their doors or were no longer doing clinics or surgeries because of the fears of Covid,” Mills said.

Dr David Mills

Dr David Mills

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