Education Department does not accept graduates from Katagu Lutheran Teachers College

The Education Department says teachers who graduate from Katagu Lutheran Teachers College will not be registered to be teachers under the national education system.

The college is not duly registered.

They have released the statement following a news report that the college in Unggai-Bena District of Eastern Highlands is planning a first graduation on April, 19, 2021.

The department said the announcement by the purported college principal to say the National Department of Education and the Teaching Service Commission  have given approval is fake and deceiving.

The college and other private organizations that have shown their interest in training teachers have applied through the National Education Board (NEB) to register their institutions however; the NEB has delayed its approval because they (institutions) including Katagu have not met all the requirements in order for approval to be given.

The department acknowledges that many of these institutions have worked with the Department to address the requirements, but unfortunately were not completed prior to the transfer of the Technical & Business Colleges and Teachers Colleges to the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) as directed by the National Executive Council.

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As a result, all new colleges will now apply to DHERST, but NDoE will still determine if a trained teacher is a fit and proper person to be approved, accepted and registered to be a teacher in the national education system.

” The NDoE is not against private teachers colleges or their establishment under the Public Private Partnership, but they must meet the stringent standards.”

“A teacher moulds a young child and the department has the responsibility to ensure that teachers have the academic intelligence, personal acumen, competence in subject content and the skills in the art of teaching amongst other attributes.”




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