Fresh vegetables supplier for Vanimo hotels, supermarkets and markets

Moas Primary School students

The Vanimo Green River District in West Sepik basically stretches in parallel with the international border line from Vanimo on the northern coast to Green River in the southern hinterland.

Green River is the start of otherwise the  Sepik plain of mainly savannah grassland stretching from the west to east.

It’s pretty much flat and humid.

As you travel from Vanimo you pass through government posts of Bewani, Imonda (Walsa), Amanab and then Green River.

They are local level governments with an exception of Bewani which forms the bigger Wutung Onei Bewani LLG.

Basically it comprises Vanimo west and east coast villages and the inland Bewani.

Today I saw a photo of Moas Primary School students at Amanab.

PHOTO: Moas Primary School students by Steven Mawe

My brother in law who is a primary school inspector in the district shared it.

My mind flashed back to that village and the huge potential in agriculture it has to produce brocolli, onion, tomato, cabbage, sugarcane, pineapple, potato, cucumber to name a few.

Seriously brocolli and round cabbage did well.

In 1992 someone at Moas was farming and my mum and sisters would trek there for an hour, go to the farm and pick our harvest, bring them to a weighing station then pay.

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It’s quality highlands stuff vegetables.

I was born and grew up in Amanab, it has cool climate, most times at early morning the place is covered with fog.

Sometimes you can’t see a person 10 metres away and you definitely need a blanket to cover yourself mind you.

I think the weather is conducive for growing these vegetables.

So my point is Amanab could supply hotels, supermarkets and markets in Vanimo with all these vegetables.

This can be complemented with some biggest, tasty and juicy pineapples, watermelons and cucumber from Green River.

They are some of the best organic fruits I have ever tasted.

I should also mention Green River can supply fresh water fishery from the Sepik River.

And in Imonda, the valley between Bewani mountains and Amanab is so fertile for agriculture.

I was told sugarcane grows as tall as three metres.

With the areas being sparsely populated I think well established farming can be set up to regularly supply Vanimo and feed public servants in the government outputs.

We just need extension support, established market in Vanimo and improved road infrastructure.



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