How can citizens of this country take back PNG


How can citizens of this country take back PNG when they are faced with indifference and the politics of envy by their own kind?

Even when you have talent and imagination to pursue your dreams and lift this country out of poverty, in Papua New Guinea today, as a citizen you will have to contend with a whole plethora of PNG-induced constraints: bribery hurdles by Government officials, unfavorable and biased policies and regulations, politics of envy by political actors and crooked administrative officials, confused political funding priorities…and the list goes on.

It appears right now the fall guy in the political narratives being spewed by the Government is the resources sector, especially in Mining and Petroleum. It appears no one can articulate in simple language what this “Take Back PNG” mantra means.

Meanwhile Malaysian and Chinese robber barons have completely infiltrated low hanging fruit industries such as forestry/logging, civil construction, commercial agriculture, commercial fishery, retail and merchandising, and the list goes.

In this age of mass media, the internet, environmental sustainability consciousness in pursuit of industry and commerce, and greater global awareness on human rights issues…one has to ask why in this resource rich country we continue to miss the mark and raise the hurdle for citizens eager to lead this country out of poverty to a height that leaves the masses in a vicious cycle of squalor?

Why is it that in this country, unless you are connected to a politician or to an administrator, you could might as well kiss your dreams to run honest enterprise goodbye and join the queue of carpet beggars waiting for your turn on the corridors of power?

Why is it that in this country, only cargo cult ideas and pie-in-the-sky proposals are the benefactors of political bias and discretion than robust feasible proposals backed by real capital and ingenuity?

Being well meaning and spirited about this country is good, being stupid about what is wrong and what works is quite the other.

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