Hundreds flee from their settlement in Port Moresby

Police beef up manpower and presence to quell any escalating violence

Port Moresby police have reported between 300 and 400 people who live at at Gorobe settlement in Port Moresby have fled their homes in fear of being attacked by the tribesmen of a man who was brutally murdered by two men in the early hours of yesterday.

Two men were captured on CCTV chasing a man across the road and murdered him using machetes chopping the man several times after he had fallen.

After murdering him they ran across the road and away from CCTV.

The video has gone viral on social media.

Police are still looking for the two murderers and situation became tense with people fleeing their settlement last night out of fear.

Police say the Papua New Guinea Defence Force personnel at Murray Barracks allowed the settlers to take refuge there at around 10.30pm last night.

Metropolitan Police Fox Units were deployed last night and maintained presence till this morning.

Additional manpower from the mobile squads were deployed this morning to assist NCD police.

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Police are now stationed around the Badili to 2 Mile Hill road and it is open for use.

They have appealed to the community to identify the two murderers so that they can be charged and refrain from retaliating.

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