Immigration and Border Security Minister concerned about investigation into fake visa production

Minister for Immigration and Border Security Westly Nukundj says highly classified investigation on production of  fake visas which threatens national security and currently being investigated by selected Officers of the Immigration Special Investigation Team must be protected at all times until all major suspects are apprehended.

“As Immigration and Border Security Minister I have sanctioned the most important investigation ever undertaken in the record of PNG Immigration and as such I have a duty to protect the sensitiveness of the investigation,” he said in a statement today.


“I reiterate that this internal investigation, it’s recommendations and implementation of the recommendations take precedence over any other investigations and operations.”


“I make this announcement after cancelling a recent trip this week by joint Operation team to Central and Gulf Provinces.”


“I will not tolerate any ad hoc operations which will divert attention and dilute the intent of the investigation currently in place. Such operations will interfere with potential suspects and jeopardise the investigations,” he said.


“Past records have shown officers have abused foreigners, interfered with witnesses as there was a recent case of an officer mobilising policemen and assaulting foreigners in the night for reporting him on corrupt activities.”

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“After the re-call of the operations, the team members and officers from participating agencies saw it fit to go on social media tarnishing my name and even swearing at me. I am registering an official complaint to Police Minister and Commissioner of Police in this regard to charge officers under the cyber crime laws,” he said.


He said he has  no personal interest to stop any investigations.

“From record it is under my leadership that record number of disreputable foreigners have being arrested and deported. Also, under my leadership many visa agents and immigration officers are being investigated and charged than ever before.”


“I will not tolerate corrupt officers who try to undermine the current investigations for their own selfish gain under the disguise of conducting operations. ICA Management will be summoned to show cause on the utility of this operation.”


Mr Nukundj said the interest of national security is paramount and as such all future engagements will be sanctioned by my office and all investigations will be conducted by the Special Investigations Taskforce Team with its team leader as the dead.


Westley Nukundj

Westley Nukundj

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