Importing overseas sporting talents lift standard of sport in Papua New Guinea

Importing overseas players lift the standard of respective sporting codes in the country.

Vonnie Kapi Nato (centre) and Brazillian imports
Erick Joe Ribeiro and Moreiera Lopes

Franchise owner of Hekari United Football Club and passionate sports administrator Vonnie Kapi Natto made this remarks after two of her Brazilian soccer imports arrived this week, three weeks before the Oceania Football Confederation Champion’s League next month.

Ms Kapi Natto said local players can only learn and know where their level is when competing against top players from other countries.

Speaking to the media at the Jackson’s International Airport, the long serving general manager of Hekari United said the team is so excited to finally receive their imports in time before the OFC Champion’s League kick off in February.

She also confirmed that three Solomon Islanders who came into the country and had a stint in Kumul Petroleum National Soccer league had gone back to their home country (Solomon Islands) to renew their visa and are expected to arrive this week in Port Moresby from Honiara.

The former Solomon Island international (Vonnie) said the club has also acquired the services of one Samoan player.

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“We are proud to have given the opportunity for other countries to be part of our league, to help us raise the standard of our game here so this time we’ve also looked to our Polynesian brothers and we’ve got one Samoa into the squad,”  she said.

Ms Kapi Natto said the Samoan arrives today .

“We are excited about our imports as well as our local boys have been very hard at training and it will be interesting to see how coach can come up with a solid team ready for the Champion’s League,” Ms. Kapi-Natto said.

This will also be the first time and a history for PNG to host an OFC Champion’s League in the country and everyone is urged to get behind and support PNGFA and the Hekari United FC.

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