Interdenominational church service in New Ireland to remember Sir Michael

New Ireland Province will have an interdenominational church service to celebrate the life of late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare this Thursday, March 4. at 10am.

The remembrance service will be held at Utu Secondary School

Governor Sir Julius Chan had to choose Utu because it was where Sir Michael began his teaching career when it was called back then Utu Intermediate School and the road there was named Sir Michael Somare avenue.

The Somare Avenue was named only last year on September 16, during the grand opening of the legislative assembly.

Sir Michael Somare attended the event.

Acting Administrator CEO for Education Benson Apelis will be meeting with Church representatives to make arrangements for the special commemorative service, New Ireland Provincial Government media reports.

“This is an open invitation to all our people who would like a solemn day to come together, united in prayer and remembrance honouring the legacy of our founding father through a formal church service,” said Sir Julius Chan.

“ The Utu gathering will be the only official recognized gathering, any other off shoot events will not be entertained.”

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Other schools,  Churches and individual organisations, councils and wards  throughout New Ireland are also urged to hold their own services in their own locations.


Sir Julius Chan, a dear friend to Sir Michael Somare will attend the funeral in Port Moresby and accompany the body to Wewak for burial at Kreer Heights.


Throughout the nation, people are mourning the death of Sir Michael Somare who is dearly embraced and respected as someone who united the thousands of tribes and brought political Independence.

Murals have been painted, people have clad themselves in mud and the PNG flag has been raised high.

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