Kainantu MP wins against election petition after four years

Fourteen months before the next general election and Kainantu MP Johnson Tuke can fully concentrate on developing his electorate.

A three-man bench of the Waigani Supreme Court has dismissed an election petition filed against Tuke by losing candidate William Hagahono.

The Supreme Court decision was delivered by Justice Paulus Dowa on behalf of the bench.

The court has dismissed the petition by Hagahono citing that the evidence given by witnesses  were unreliable, and lacked credibility.

Hagahono had raised allegations of bribery and undue influence against Tuke in two separate locations and eight witnesses were called to give evidence.

During cross examinations against each witness, the court found that all witnesses were his supporters, and that the dates they claimed of which Tuke had committed bribery and undue influences all contradicted themselves as some said it occurred on June 9, 2017, while others said it occurred on June 16, 2017.

The court also found that all witnesses, failed to provided copies of the electoral role that included their names as electors, which the alleged offences would have affected their votes.

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“The court should be guided by substantiated evidences based on merit, and that these evidences should be consistent with the pleading put in the petitions facts,” Justice Dowa said.

For a delighted Hon Tuke he said: “It has been a hectic four years in court, but I would also like to thank our supporters for behaving well right though the whole process, despite the case, in some instances affecting service delivery to the people of Kainantu.”


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