Karkar Community College principal explains

The principal of Karkar Community College. Mugiar Yass, spoke for the first time to the media on Thursday afternoon to explain the school’s side of the story on the alleged attack by locals on Bougainville students attending the college.
The attack reportedly occurred last week, resulting in students fleeing the campus and with police assistance were moved out of the island.
Mr Yass revealed the students, some of them married, left the school because they have outstanding tuition fees, and not because they were attacked or due to an alcohol- related issue as portrayed in earlier stories.
He stressed the school stands clear on the issue and has nothing to hide. He said there is no issue at the school.
The principal also denied having any knowledge of the students’ departure from campus, until he was notified later.
Mr Yass said it is now mid- year and most of them have only paid about K 2 000 of the required K8,000 school fees for this year.
He also stated that the students rely entirely on their parents to support them because the college does not receive any assistance from government.
Karkar Community College was established in 2007 under the Community College concept of the Education Secretariat.
The college continues to remain under the Education Department, however, it is yet to be formally registered, adding a few things are yet to be sorted out.
Yass said the group of students that left the campus last week was a mixed group and not Bougainvillians only.
Principal Yass, meanwhile, has also extended his sincere apologies to the Member for South Bougainville and Communication Minister, Timothy Masiu, for the situation created by the students.
He said Mr Masiu and other MPs from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville have been very supportive of the school over the past years, especially in terms of sponsoring students to attend the college.

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