Manning says office closure will not affect police internal disciplinary process

Commissioner of Police and Controller David Manning said the Police internal disciplinary process will not be affected by the temporary closure of the Internal Affairs Directorate in Port Moresby.

Mr Manning made this comment following concerns that police brutality cases will be on the rise following the closure of the Internal Affairs Directorate office.

He said there were concerns raised over the high office rental plus other payments for the Internal Affairs Directorate office at Koki in Port Moresby so understandably the office had to be closed pending an internal audit.

“However, this does not stop the work of Internal Affairs officers. They continue to work. We have Internal Affairs Units in all provincial police commands and they continue to vigorously investigate all public complaints against police.

“We have a very robust and decentralised internal disciplinary system which will continue to deal with complaints from the public as and when they are raised. There is simply no co-relation that police brutality will now increase with the temporary closure of the Internal Affairs Directorate office,” Mr Manning said.

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