Manning thanks Marape-Steven government for fixing police sewerage


Acting Police Commissioner David Manning today thanked the Marape-Steven Government for the installation of a sewerage treatment facility at the Red Sea barracks in Bomana in the National Capital District.

Manning said this has brought a sigh of relief to police families living there after years of living in unhygienic conditions.

He said ongoing blockages to the sewerage system and water outages caused a lot of concerns especially with the residents and the RPNGC management until Police Minister Bryan Kramer personally intervened to get the government’s attention.

The sewerage treatment facility was installed by the contractor Red Sea Housing company.

Acting Commissioner said the Marape-Steven government has again demonstrated that it is serious in addressing complex and challenging issues affecting the Constabulary.

“I am deeply grateful for the Government’s intervention in this matter which has now effectively resolved ongoing sewerage and water problems at the barracks,” Mr Manning said today.

Work on the unfinished project recommenced and the sewerage treatment facility was eventually installed after Minister Kramer gave assurance that the Government will settle a K40 million outstanding debt owed to the contractor.

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The acting Commissioner challenged members of the Constabulary fortunate enough to occupy the houses at the Red Sea barracks and throughout the country to take care of these government assets.

The acting Commissioner said the issues of rundown houses and infrastructure across the country was chronic and inherent and not effectively tackled by successive governments of the past. Whilst every effort was taken to maintain these properties, the limited budgetary allocation did not allow for a lot to be done each year since. He said every effort will now be made by the RPNGC management to fix some of these problems when funding becomes available.

Mr Manning thanked members of the Constabulary who had taken it upon themselves to use their own money to repair their homes which is a sad fact but indicative of their loyalty and commitment.

“I know this is happening because I have also done the same with my house at the Bomana Police College but I am confident that we will gradually map out a long term plan with secured funding to alleviate some of these problems affecting police personnel across the country,” Mr Manning said.

He further stated that in the meantime measures will also be taken to ensure all police barracks across the country are properly managed and looked after.

“We will toughen up in this regard by reinforcing barracks standing orders to restore and maintain discipline and accountability inside every police barracks accommodation across the country.”

-Press Release

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