Menyamya MP Benjamin Philip is leaving the People’s National Congress Party

Menyamya MP Benjamin Philip has written to his party leader and Ialibu Pangia MP Peter O’Neill that he is resigning from the party.

The National reports his main reason was that there was lack of government funding for projects in his electorate.

Philip is the second MP from the PNC party to resign within a month.

Deputy party leader and Yangoru-Saussia MP Richard Maru announced his resignation citing similar reasons earlier.

Maru said he was moving to the middle benches and would make up his mind to join whichever political party later.

For Philip he said he was keen to join Pangu Pati and he plans to talk to Prime Minister James Marape.

He was re-elected to Parliament last year in a by election following the death of Thomas Pelika MP and he won under the PNC party ticket.

Philip said his people are also exerting pressure on him to resign from PNC.

He said he has yet to receive funding for the delivery of services to the people of Menyamya.

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His district services improvement programme funding and other funds due to the district had been withheld since 2017, Philip said.

The office of the integrity of political parties and candidates have been advocating for parties to consider strong policies and voters should vote along policies for parties rather than individual political visions.

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