Namah wants Vanimo to be a tourism hub and Green River being the business hub of the district

Opposition Leader and Vanimo Green River Open MP Belden Namah says he wants the sea side provincial capital Vanimo to be a tourism town  while Green River in the southern hinterland to be a business hub for industry and commerce.

Post Courier reports Mr Namah travelled to Green River last week and echoed these visions.

He has been in Parliament for three terms now.

Namah said Green River which has an airstrip built by the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Engineering Battalion only serves light aircraft and transport locals and goods.

“The runway has the potential to be extended and has a solid foundation as the ground has limestone,” Post Courier quotes Namah.

“The runway can be developed into an international airport if the Frieda copper-gold project comes online, it would be the most logical airport for the transporting of materials and workers.”

Namah wants Vanimo to focus on being a tourist hub and a destination for super wealthy who travel around the world for exotic locations on private jets and yachts.

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He said they need to develop a proper water and sewerage system, a proper harbour and reliable 24 hours electricity supply.

Namah said Vanimo is known for its surf and waves in the country which attracts tourists from all over the world.

He has realised that the road from Vanimo to Green River has to be sealed  and Green River has to be developed.

Green River LLG has a population of about 30,000 and has 36 wards.


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