National Broadcasting Corporation must deliver quality content

National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Chairman Pius Tikili was straight and assertive to the NBC management yesterday that “they have failed to deliver content.”

He said what the organization was doing was trying to do is meet the audience needs for Port Moresby and Lae audience but it must consider many other regional areas.

When these viewers and listeners see the relevance of content to them, he said they would be keen to invest in building towers to receive signals.

The Board and Management are in a meeting this week at the Hideaway Hotel in Port Moresby.

NBC Board and management in a group photo

This first ever meeting headed by Pius Tikili as chairman yesterday will discuss few things ranging from the NBC Act to staff determination and most concerned, content and technical infrastructure.

Other items to be discussed will be out generating internal revenue to make the NBC self sustaining.

Tikili said his visions were to see NBC grow, it should create employment for Papua New Guineans and everybody should be content.

He reminded that management that the organizations mandate was to increase coverage in both radio and television while at the same time provide accurate, up to date and honest and fair content.

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Tikili, the former chairman of the popular MAPAI Transport said the short term goal of the organization is about sustaining themselves but the long term goal is for the organization to contribute to the national coffers.

‘We can contribute to the national purse,” he said.

“If we can do it right, we can sustain ourselves.”

“We have been looking at the wrong places to sustain ourselves.”

He said the organization had been depending on the government and  radio and TV sales to generate revenue but it must look outside of those areas.

He wanted the technical division to sustain the operations.

‘That area has not been marketed and overlooked.”

When he was installed as chairman early this year, Minister for Communications and Information Technology Timothy Masiu lambasted that the NBC was on life support and seriously needed help.

Tikili said the organization is faced with many challenges of dilapidated and damaged infrastructure but it could do better.

“I want everybody to be happy at the NBC,” he said.

“We won’t be able to give you guys everything, but we’d like to make you happy.”



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