NBC management challenged

Communications and Information Technology Minister Timothy Masiu minced no words on Wednesday challenging the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) management to make things happen at the organization.

NBC management and board in the meeting

First and foremost he told them to have a good budget for 2022 with provincial stations to have their own budgets but captured in the one prepared by the management at headquarters.

“Make sure the provincial radio stations are looked after,” he said.

Minister Masiu last week was in Wabag and as a former employee of the NBC he spoke passionately saying he worked in Wabag in 1984 and 1985 and dreamt of the organization to be better organised.

He walked to the house he lived in and he was so downhearted the house had dilapidated.

“I actually cried,” he said.

He told the management the welfare of the employees is important and their dwellings must be maintained.

He is echoing the vision to bring back shortwave transmission and the technical team would revert to him whether it was possible as the FM frequency cannot travel far.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, he said he was on a TV program and the feedback he got from Milne Bay was that the people in the outer islands were not receiving the NBC.

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“People in outer regions are not receiving the NBC,” he said.

“You don’t broadcast to trees, rocks, you don’t broadcast to mountains,” he said.

He meanwhile stressed the same sentiments as the Chairman Pius Tikili that the “NBC must generate revenue to sustain itself.”

He warned that no one was to sell any NBC assets like land or pass it on to anyone else.

Any employee who did that would be dealt with.

Masiu stressed that regular training must be reintroduced as there has been a drop in quality program pronunciation and presentation.

“In the provinces its worse,” he said.

“I went through a vigorous training for two years.”

He said he was always a regular at the speech therapist room.

Masiu told the management there are plenty of ways to get money and there are people looking to help the NBC.



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