New Ireland government assists mothers with truck to bring produce to markets

Imagine having to wait for long hours or days, just to bring your garden produce to market. Imagine having your fresh garden produce wither and rot before your eyes because you cannot sell any of them. This has been the life of the women and families of Konoagil, until Friday 29th January 2021.

Since time immemorial the East Coast Konoagil Market mama’s have never been able to have access to transport closer to home. Partly because they did not have a proper road and because they could not afford a vehicle of their own.

So, you can imagine the elation and joy that from their families when New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan handed a brand new truck over to the Konoagil Women’s Market Association at Marinzuan.

“Sir J you harim cry bilong mipla ol mama bilong East Coast Konoagil. Yu save long worry bilong mipla na you presentim displa Truck come long mipla. Thankyou long luksave bilong Gavman bilong you,” said spokeswoman Bobbi Nedom.

Mrs Bobbi Nedom on behalf of the  Konoagil Women’s Market Association made the request last year.

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Governor Sir Julius Chan approved their request in line with his Government’s policy of “The further you are, the more we care.”

“We have never forgotten Konoagil, Konoagil will become the first Kona instead of last Kona,” Sir Julius said.


Road works up the East Coast of Konoagil is progressing which is another reason why Sir Julius approved the handing over of the truck.

He also handed over musical instruments to the Siar Youth Choir through Chief Patrick Toarbusai after they showed exemplary performances during the recent Council of Elders meeting held on Lambom Island.

On his way back to Kavieng on Sunday he paid respects at the gravesites of several New Irelander’s including Dick Lanzarote at Manmo, Apet Pirqup at Ruka, Tommy Aminio at Alumfi and Peter Chan at Kombon.

In Kavieng he inspected the multi-complex sporting stadium at Kopkop which will be officially opened on the 16th of September this year.

“ We continue to implement and deliver countless projects not because it is easy but because we have the future of all New Irelanders in mind. We cannot stand still and be mere spectators, we must make ourselves uncomfortable to the point of overcoming all obstacles and transforming New Ireland to a self- sustaining Autonomous part of Papua New Guinea.”

-New Ireland Media


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