New Ireland looks are creating an additional open electorate

The New Ireland Provincial Executive Council on Monday 7th October, 2019 approved the establishment of the Provincial Boundaries Committee.

The Committee will look into implementing the 2018 recommendations by the Council of Elders Forum held on Tanga Island to realign and reorganize the LLG and Ward Boundaries and also to look into establishing another District or an Open Electorate for the Province.

The powers to determine the establishment of the electoral boundaries in the country is a constitutional responsibility and is vested in the Electoral Boundaries Commission.

As such, the Provincial Government cannot carry out that power.

“However, this does not stop the Provincial Government from assisting in such work within the province, by establishing the systems and infrastructures necessary within the Provincial Government to assist the Boundaries Commission in undertaking this work in the Province,” said Governor Sir Julius.

The committee will operate under a specific terms of reference and in consultation with the Electoral Boundaries Commission.

The work will entail the collection, collation and dissemination of data within the Province and with the Electoral Boundaries Commission and other stakeholders.

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“This body will also be responsible, on behalf of the Provincial Government, for the consultations and liaison with the Electoral Boundaries Commission when it visits the Province on Electoral Boundaries work.”

The Committee will operate for a period of six months and present its final report to the Provincial Executive Council for consideration and recommendation to the Electoral Boundaries Commission.

The LLG Presidents, Ward members and people are asked to give full support and cooperate with the committee in carrying out its responsibility.

The committee comprises Director of Autonomy Mr Ricky Fugonto as Chairman, Director Planning, District Administrator Kavieng, and District Administrator Namatanai as members.

The ten Local Level Government Managers to be available when required.

-Press Release

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