New Ireland to have a new house of assembly

China Railway Construction Group (CRCG) will build a new house of assembly for the New Ireland provincial government costing K12 million.

On Wednesday a ground breaking ceremony took place in Kavieng with a model design being presented to Governor Sir Julius Chan.

There was a special customary ritual performed prior to official speeches and launch.

The provincial government media said the ritual was to connect and be at peace with spirits who may dwell and so things transition without any spiritual curse or disturbances.

Past assembly members were also honoured.

CRCG Economic & Commercial Counselor to the Chinese Embassy in the country Liu Linlin was with the New Ireland government officials and schools and church representatives.

The launch and construction of this new assembly is significant as Governor Sir Julius Chan recently celebrated his 80th birthday- 50 of these years was as a politician from New Ireland.

He said the legislative assembly marks a new era for New Ireland and is being built with the future in mind.

“New Ireland is becoming Autonomous so we will call it the “Legislative Assembly”.

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“This house is for leaders to come and make laws for good Governance. But more importantly it will be for the future generations and for the public to come and see their representatives,” he said.

The building was designed to depict a “house boy” as illustrated by a miniature 3-D model presented to Governor Sir Julius by CRCG.

“On the ground floor you will have the main legislative assembly hall, three offices for open members, I didn’t forget them, we are building three because we are thinking about tomorrow. There will be a chamber, offices for the 10 Presidents and there will be a place for the public too, so you can observe the Assembly and debates. On the top floor will be the office of the governor, deputy governor and chairman’s of various sectors. The New Legislative Assembly will be modern and will lift our standards to equal meetings held in developed countries,” Sir Julius said adding New Irelanders must be proud.

This will be the first time for CRCG to construct a building in New Ireland after operating in PNG for the past 11 years.

It’s General Manager Mei Hongliang said the company has a positive track record in the country with most of its building owners expressing confidence in the company.

He conveyed that the company was committed to giving job opportunities to the locals as well as being a responsible corporate citizen.



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