Oil Search Foundation goes on a blood donation drive

Oil Search Foundation (OSF) initiated a blood donation drive as part of their community support efforts noting that this simple act saves lives


“Blood donations are always important said Sr Damaris Penias, Nurse Manager at the Sir Brian Bell Center for Transfusion Medicine at Port Moresby General Hospital.  “But today, with the great need to replenish blood supplies, they are more essential than ever.’


“Blood is a major resource for any hospital and without it we will lose many lives unnecessarily. As we know, blood cannot be manufactured artificially so for a hospital to maintain good supply, blood donations from individual donors has to be consistent to maintain the supply.”


‘We are grateful to OSF for volunteering to donate, your efforts will contribute immeasurably to the public health of our nation by saving many lives,’ she said.


Executive Director of OSF, Stephanie Copus Campbell was delighted her team could help. “We were so pleased to visit the Sir Brain Bell transfusion center and contribute to this great cause.”


While I have always given blood because I know it helps others, what I only recently discovered is that such donations help me too.  They can improve overall cardiovascular heath, enhance the production of new blood cells and prevent cancer.  I hope this provides an enhanced incentive for others to give regularly” Ms. Copus-Campbell said.

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For those interested in donating blood please visit your local blood collection sites in your own provinces to schedule a donation appointment.

For those in Port Moresby, the blood bank known as the ‘The Sir Brian Bell Centre for Transfusion Medicine’ is located at the Port Moresby General Hospital at 3mile. The centre is open from Monday to Sunday including public holidays from 8am to 3pm.

OSF Blood donation

OSF Blood donation

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