Papua New Guinea gripped by horror over killing of two children by a parent

Many expressed shock and disgust, some were speechless

Social media was inundated with sharing of the pictures of two children aged two and four who were stabbed to death by their father at their Morata One suburb in Port Moresby on Tuesday, April 27.

Many expressed shock and disgust, some were speechless.

This morning the Post Courier had the story on its front page with a main headline Monster! while the other daily the National had Dad probed over killing.

Media reports say police initial investigations revealed that there was an argument between the parents before the the boys were killed.

Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu said the father is expected to be charged with two counts of willful murder after being interviewed but they are trying to piece together what happened in the lead up to the killing of the two boys.

The National reported residents of the Morata One suburb in Port Moresby were shocked by the incident.

The father is reported to be from the Sepik and mother is from Morobe.

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Police say the parents got into an argument after the mother had returned home from work.

The mother went out of the house leaving the two boys with their father inside.

The National reports police believed that was when the boys were stabbed with a knife on their backs and chests killing them instantly.

Police were told the father had to be restrained by some men when he tried to kill himself with a knife.

Ikumu said the wife would be interviewed “to determine the cause and establish what actually happened to trigger such heinous act,” the National reported.


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