Planting More Trees in Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea Campaign

Planting more trees in Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea campaign is initiated by Travel4Green (T4G) PNG, a not-for-profit private project in partnership with Catholic Bishop Conference (CBC) with its them on “Keep It Clean. Go Green” under the Pope’s statement on Laudato Si and Conservation and Environment Protection Authority’s (CEPA) recently launched theme on “10-million trees in 10 years”.


The joint campaign is to students in activities on tree planting and monitoring the standing forests to make the environment of Papua New Guinea cities and communities healthier and more livable.


With T4G at the lead of this campaign, it involves talking about nursery tree seedlings, transplanting them and to keep a track of them and monitoring to look after trees planted.


The tree planting campaign activities intends to achieve a target of 10-million trees by 2030.


The awareness is focused on why planting specific species of trees and its significance in addressing the global climate change and using the disruptive technology to harness the conservation of nature and monitoring of irregularities.


The initiative come about when seeing the need to find solutions to increasing land temperatures, poor air quality, lack of parks and green spaces and high unemployment rates in urban centers. As one of the small island state in the Pacific, Papua New Guinea is facing the drastic impacts of climate change.

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Cities such as Port Moresby is becoming hotter, worsened by more buildings and less green spaces. Thus, this group is to create micro climates to regulate daily weather patterns and also increase the country’s climate change resiliency and reducing carbon emissions.


It would be beneficial to the community, the country and the world when these barriers are overcame. Increase in air quality will promote healthy lifestyles and longevity of life. Simultaneously, it will impact to benefit the country’s effort in addressing climate change issues in reducing carbon emissions and growing resilience.


Through tree planting, there will be more carbon sinks to sequester excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


CBC Secretary for Social Communications Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb said we need to move to the next level of putting things into practice through tree plantation. “T4G is passionate about tree plantation and we are happy to look at possibilities for the different commissions and diocese to plant more trees” Fr. Ambrose said.


On Thursday 11th 2020, the team will conduct their awareness on Plant More Trees at Evadana Primary School at 9-mile in Port Moresby. The event will involve a “Climate Talk” by T4G speakers on the significance of planting more trees and its benefits to the animals and people. CEPA will give out prizes to students who answer the environment conservation quiz questions.


Following on the awareness, trees will be planted at the school ground and discussions with the school administration to establish Green Clubs in the school and looking at possibilities to extending to rest of the schools in Amazing Port Moresby city.

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Tree Planting

Tree Planting

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