PNG government to install call line for reporting corruption in public service

Prime Minister James Marape has directed secretary Ivan Pomaleu to establish a hotline for people to report cases of bribery and corruption in the public service.
Marape, who addressed the global launch of the Transparency International 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index this week, warned against bribery and extortion in the public service.
He said the hotline was open to anyone to report public servants asking for favours.
“Government service providers are asking favours from ordinary people for 10 per cent or 20 per cent payments which is not right,” he said.
“You are supposed to be serving free and not to ask for favours from politicians.
“Public servants are already paid to do their job.”
Marape said the hotline would be set up to give the opportunity for people to report such cases.
“When you don’t report, you are perpetuating corruption.
“Police and the system is there but we are not reporting it because we think it’s normal,” he said.
“It’s not normal for public servants to ask for favours.”
Marape said anyone at Treasury Haus or Vulupindi Haus who asks for favours like lunch before giving the cheque needed to be reported to the hotline.
“We want to deal with these sort of cases and Pomaleu will be responsible to ensure the hotline is set up,” he said.
Marape said he was a strong advocate to take back all the resources of PNG that had been squandered through complacency and corruption.
He said although the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Bill and the Whistleblowers Act were passed, the system needed to be put in place to competently deal with this issue.
-Press Statement

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