PNG politician says the Electoral Commission is not competent to conduct elections

If you have tow win, you have to rig elections to win

Papua New Guinea politician Don Polye representing the people of Kandep Open Electorate has told Parliament that the PNG Electoral Commission is not capable of running a successful election.

The country goes to the polls again in June 2022, that is about 13 months away.

Polye has been out of Parliament in the last four years battling an election petition challenge against lawyer Alfred Manase who was declared the winner post 2017 national general elections.

He described the Electoral Commission as not being “in a good good state of mind to conduct elections.”

“If you have to win, you have to rig elections to win,” Polye said.

In a recent successful but delayed election petition challenge the court ordered a recount and Polye came on top.

Though Manase appealed to the Supreme Court, his appeal was not upheld.

Polye took his oaths in front of Speaker Job Pomat today before he was allowed to give a five minutes speech in Parliament.

He said being out of Parliament for the last four years was like a blessing in disguise as well observing from a private citizens perspective.

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He was frank: “Our systems of government has collapsed.”

“We can save this country by working together (government and opposition).”

He has appealed to the government and opposition.

Polye who is the leader of the Triumph Heritage Empowerment party told Parliament he was content and cheerful that the court of disputed returns at the national and supreme court have ruled to promote a free and fair election and that a wrong has been corrected.

“We don’t give up,” he said.

He said the rule of law must be complied with at all times and transparent leadership is about good governance.

“We cannot compromise breaking the the law,” Polye said adding leadership must be transparent for the good of all.

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