PNG Prime Minister condemns violence in Indonesia

Prime Minister James Marape today said he would make a statement about the escalating violence in West Papua as soon as he is fully briefed about what is happening.

He meanwhile condemned what is happening there.

He told EMTV news while he respected Indonesia’s sovereignty, “it must come within the context of human rights.”

A man from Papua New Guinea living at a border post south-east from Jayapura says they are monitoring the violence in Jayapura closely.

He would move his family to Vanimo if the violence escalates.

He said 200 Indonesian military personnel from Kalimantan were deployed to Jayapura last week and they believe it was to attack people rather than providing security and to safeguard properties or people.

There were internet outages last week but it was partially restored this week and he was able to communicate with us via Facebook video call.

He said the atmosphere could not be regarded as fine. It was particularly dangerous during evenings.

There are regular roadblocks around the busy Jayapura with thorough checks conducted.

Anyone who does not have a national identification card would be suspected as a member of the OPM rebels.

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It is believed the violence will not cease anytime soon.



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