PNG produced TV drama series to premiere on EMTV

The promotional movie poster for "Grace" to be screened at the Vision City Paradise Cinema on Thursday December 4, 2014

History was written at 8.40pm on Sunday, February 11, 2018 when a locally produced drama series premiered on the country’s oldest TV network, EMTV.

Grace, is directed by McPolly Koima from Kerowagi in Simbu and it attempts to portray societal challenges and ultimately aims at discouraging us from that are affecting our progression.

The story line in my view reflects the daily occurrences and challenges faced by many rural and low income earners in Papua New Guinea.

Koima once shared with me that the idea is to get ordinary people to act and send a message across.

People will relate to themselves well.

Most times we attempt to use sporting stars or celebrities to convey messages but it could it different when we use people themselves.

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