PNG to have new mobile phone company

Papua New Guinea is set to have a new mobile phone company by the end of 2021.

Minister for Communications and Information Technology Timothy Masiu has announced.

Digitec an initially Australian based company will be the new operator in the country.

It has been in the country for sometime already providing ICT services in computer hardware, software and communications technology support.

Masiu said the introduction of the new mobile service provider should increase accessibility of voice and data access to 85 per cent within a year.

This is based on their independent assessment and there will be about 1,000 jobs created.

The jobs would be around engineering, sales, marketing and ICT specific jobs.

Digitec should launch its network by the end of the year.

It will roll out 1,100 towers.

Masiu said introduction of Digitec means more competition in the market to drive retail price down to benefit people.

The country’s mobile service providers are Digicel, Telikom and Bemobile with Digicel owning a bigger share of the market.




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