Police Commissioner endorses structure at RPNGC

Police Commissioner David Manning this endorsed the Royal PNG Constabulary’s “Clarified Structure” for submission to the Salaries Conditions and Monitoring Committee.

In a released statement Manning said: “The submission sweeps away a lot of confusion that exists around the establishment structure and provides a solution to the disorder in the administration of payroll.”

The Police Commissioner approved the commencement of Phase One of the Organisational Review and Restructure (ORR) 12 months ago.

Per the original timeframe, the Clarified Structure is now handed to the SCMC Chair and Secretary for Department of Personnel Management Ms Taies Sansan.

Commissioner Manning said: “We have strictly adhered to the end March timeframe, as that is the deadline for submissions to be considered for the coming year’s budget. To maintain the RPNGC’s forward momentum with its reform program, the Clarified Structure must be implemented in 2022.”

The Clarified Structure captures the operating footprint of the RPNGC as it exists today thus:

  1. Supporting the SCMC approved structures of the National Centre of Excellence (NCE) and the Hela Provincial Police Command;
  2. Allowing for the absorption of the Human Resources Development Directorate as the natural consequence of the new NCE Structure;
  3. Creating positions for jobs that are being done but for which there are no suitable positions;
  4. Inserting vacant positions for Police College graduates who would otherwise have no positions to move into at their first postings;
  5. Allowing enough vacant positions to allow staff progression in the next 18 months to two years, while phase two proceeds; and
  6. Removing superfluous vacant positions.
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Manning said that given that the proposed changes of the SCMC Submission are clarifications of what exists today, there are no budgetary implications.

“Indeed, the projected cost of the Clarified Structure in 2022 is lower than the projected cost outcomes in 2021. By 2023, it is planned that the Phase Two forward looking structure would be in place

“The big prize for all the hard work done during phase one and that will be done during phase two, will be the forward-looking structure that will release the RPNGC’s full potential to be the strong enabling partner for the social and economic development of PNG,” Manning said.


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